Studi Festival #2

A project curated by Vincenzo Chiarandà e Anna Stuart Tovini (Premiata Ditta), Claudio Corfone, Rebecca Moccia. 5 days of festival-more than 50 artists studios open around the city-more than 100 free events in 5 days-more than 300 artists involved!  

No Place

A project curated by Umberto Cavenago. Started from a core group of 16 authors, the rhizome of NO PLACE has already involved over 250 artists, called to bring a trace of itself in the form of works that live in “own light” (light installations, interventions visible on smartphones, tablets, computer, lightbox etc.), populating the castle

Arte Presente

A project curated by Valeria Farill (Forward) Multiple items, a photographs, but also exclusive performances. Here is the first edition of #ArtePresente, a Christmas campaign for a possible collecting. 21 artists connected to Tuscany offering works of quality at affordable prices, from 20 to 250 Euros. From December 8 to 31 make a contemporary art

Zòon > Pop Uppa

Curated by Luca Scarabelli and Samuele Menin Zòon: Linda Alborghetti/Marco Bellini, Lisa Batacchi, Lorenza Boisi, Giuseppe Buffoli, Carlo Buzzi, Mirko Canesi,  Sergio Limonta, Vera Portatadino,  Daniela Sandroni, Stefano Serusi, Attilio Tono. Pop Uppa: Michele Lombardelli, Samuele Menin, Giancarlo Norese, Luca Scarabelli  

Nuovi Animali Sociali

A project curated by Valentina Gioia Levy. Ambiental installation, performance, workshop of: Lisa Batacchi – Elena Bellantoni & Mariana Ferratto – Simone Bertugno – Anita Calà with studio A3P – Stefano Canto –Girolamo Marri – Luana Perilli – Filippo Riniolo.

Incontri ad Eèa

Curated by Maria Ida Gaeta. Casa delle Letterature, Piazza dell’Orologio, Roma With: Lisa Batacchi, Lorenzo Bueno, Paolo Canevari, Fabrizio Cicero, Alberto Di Fabio, Valentina Lara Garbagnati, Samuele Menin, Angelo Mosca, Lindsey Nobel, Robert Pettena, Marina Paris, Pietro Marcozzi Rozzi.