No Place

A project curated by Umberto Cavenago.

Started from a core group of 16 authors, the rhizome of NO PLACE has already involved over 250 artists, called to bring a trace of itself in the form of works that live in “own light” (light installations, interventions visible on smartphones, tablets, computer, lightbox etc.), populating the castle of discrete presences made of vibrating and never definitive lights.

The event will begin when the first author will enter into space to install their work and will only end when the last Artist will have left the building: until then the results will be unpredictable.

Fombio Castel, (Piacenza, IT) coordinates: N 45° 8’ 3.339” E 9° 41’ 3.878” Saturday, March 12 from 18 PM to 11:55 M


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