Lisa Mara Batacchi lives and works in Florence (Italy).
She received her BFA in 2002 in Fashion design from Polimoda working as a designer, most significantly for Vivienne Westwood in London. She later received her MFA in 2011 in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Her poetics tend to bring to light emotional bonds between individuals and society by giving attention to the most subtle variations, to the randomness of life, to dreams, prophecies and to not aware daily actions. Following mostly an anthropological approach, she investigates an identity both personal and collective, relating to local and transnational issues. By costructing devices that can lead to new possible forms of interactions and thoughts, her works range from writing, drawing, textile art, filming, photography, performances, installations and public art interventions.

Her works have been displayed in many solo and collective exhibitions, among others: 2° Something Else Cairo Biennale, Murate Art District (solo show) in Florence, Manifesta12 collateral event in Palermo, Art & Globalization Pavillion during the 57th Venice Biennale, Dust space gallery in Milan, 4° Land Art Mongolia Biennale in Ulan Bator, Textile Arts Center in New York, Villa Ada in Rome, Clark House Initiative (solo show) in Bombay, Villa Pacchiani in Pisa, riss(e) Zentrum (solo show) in Varese, Mac,n museum in Pistoia.

She is the winner, among others, of Movin’up Italian prize for young Italian artists abroad. In recent years she has held workshops, educational projects and collaborations with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence (IT), ACAF Foundation in Shanghai (CN), Siena Art Institute (IT) and Lottozero in Prato (IT).

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