Collaboration for an Educational Project with Palazzo Strozzi

The “Collective Identity” project is dedicated to Florence’s art students and stems from the idea of using the exhibition “Birth of a Nation. Between Guttuso, Fontana and Schifano” as a field of analysis and work aimed at the production of new works of art.

The exhibition offers a comparison between the artists’ works and the historical, political and social context of the Fifties and Sixties and represents the ideal starting point for the research of students who study national, cultural, linguistic and gender identity concepts.

During the development of their artistic projects, the students will participate in an in-depth meeting with the artist Lisa Batacchi and Maria Pecchioli for a direct confrontation with their artistic practices related to the topics dealt with.

The works created by the students within the collective Identity project will become the starting point for the realization of an exhibition project (23-28 June 2018) curated by the students of the IED Florence Art Management course.


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