I’m an Italian/American artist born in Florence (IT) in 1980.

With a training background in fashion design and visual art I have developed a particular fascination in the recovery of textile traditions, idealistic thoughts, cults, philosophies and artigianal works that are slowly but drammatically disappearing in the 21st century, both between oriental and western culture.

Pursuing this direction, establishing relations of cooperation with the communities, by learning from them, exchanging knowledge and “entering a state of discretion”, I practice “slowness” to explore a critique of globalized culture through an ecstatic form of temporary disappearance from capitalistic world wide ideology.

I also search for coincidences that can occur by giving attention to the most subtle variations, from the randomness of life to not aware daily actions, from history ciclicality, dreams to prophecies and oracles. These signs become to me as secret messages that can be interpreted and liberated to the world to keep us more conscious of the delicate balance between sky/earth and humankind/cosmos.

Therefore, starting from an introspective point of view, I costruct textile and sculptural devices that can speack out to our contemporary geo political situation, creating new possible forms of interactions and thoughts, in search for forms of art that can cross countries, political bounda- ries, historical ideologies and economies.

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